Dragon Mania Legends Hack

Dragon Mania Legends Hack – Gems and Gold Cheats

Dragon Mania Legends is an addictive simulation game developed by Gameloft games for pocket platforms – iOS, Android, Windows, and is also playable on systems with Windows 8 or higher OS. In the beginning, you are provided with a single dragon and you need to take care of it by feeding dragon food and once it get bigger you may need the help of our Dragon Mania Legends Hack tool.

The game becomes very interesting as you progress because you get to breed different kinds of dragons. The game puts your managerial skills to test as each dragon requires a different feed and altogether a different habitat to grow and survive. You can also battle other players using your dragons in the turn-based battle mode, which the game offers.

Dragon Mania Legends Hack

If you have not yet tried playing Dragon Mania Legends then mentioned below are some of the aspects which will induce you to try it:

Lots of Dragons:

It is the most interesting game for dragon lovers, as the game features over hundreds of dragons which can be bred. You need to create a custom habitat for the dragon, which you want to raise. Also, you need to feed him regularly so that it reaches its adult form, this can be difficult if you don’t have enough resources, that’s why I recommend trying Dragon Mania Legends Hack.

Once your dragon has reached its adult form then you can use it to breed, fight battles, or you can train them in order to make them stronger. You can also cross breed different dragons together in order to create a unique breed of dragons. The game also features some special dragons known as Dungeon dragons, which are unlocked on completing certain Player Versus Player or Player Versus Environment quests.

3 Vs 3 Battles:

The best part about the game is the intense 3 VS 3 battle where you have to assemble a team of 3 of your finest dragons against your friends or other players. In order to dominate team battles, you have to constantly keep on upgrading your dragons by feeding and training them regularly. Also, you have to mix-match different dragons in the fight to create an ultimate team of fighting monsters. You even receive rewards such as dragon feeds and other upgrades, which you can use to make your dragons stronger.


Elements are the basic characteristic of your dragon. Each dragon possesses one or more than one Elements, which comprises of Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Plant, Metal, Energy, etc. Each element provides your dragon with different set of abilities. For example, a Dragon with Water Element inflicts more damage on dragon with Fire Elements but sustains more damage from Dragon with Plant Element. You can equip your dragon with multiple elements in order to make it more susceptible to damage from dragon with other elements.

Breeding Calculator:

The game features a breeding calculator, which allows you to pair two dragons of your choice. The calculator shows the resulting dragon that will be born after breeding, by cross-matching the traits of both the dragons. This will help you in understanding and determining which dragons to choose for breeding, as choosing an incorrect pair will result in a weaker baby dragon.

Social Network Link Up:

You can link the game to your social networking account in order to stay connected with your friends and other active players. On connecting your social networking account, you can also visit your friend’s farm and draw references from them. In addition to that, you can also visit fan pages where you will receive tips from the seasoned players. If you are connected to your social networking, you also enjoy other privileges such as better matches during battles, and you can send gifts to your friends or receive gifts from them, or you can use Dragon Mania Legends Cheats to receive gifts.

Wide Range of Buildings:

The game has different set of buildings that are required in order to raise and breed your dragons. The Breeding Den is a place where you can breed your dragons whereas Hatchery is a place where you can hatch your bred dragons. If you want to breed more dragons at a same time then you need to upgrade your Breeding Den and Hatching Den.

Habitats are place that are required to raise your dragons. Each dragon requires a different set of habitat in order to grow. For instance, Dragons with Fire Element can grow only in Fire Habitat whereas those with Wind Element can grow in Wind Habitat and so on. The other important buildings are Farms and Temples, which are required in order to level up your dragons.

In order to succeed in Dragon Mania Legends, you have to carefully understand and manage the below-mentioned things:

Gold And Gems:



Gold is the primary game currency which can be obtained by using Dragon Mania Legends Hack or defeating other players in battles or by completing certain tasks. Gems are the premium currency which can be obtained by performing tasks such as petting dragons, achievements, etc.

While most of the game purchases such as buying new dragons, upgrades, etc. can be done by using Gold, Gems are required to give a boost to your gameplay, which can be done by purchasing VIP Status, Mastering Dragon Skills, Skipping Tasks, etc. This makes both Gold and Gems vital for your growth in the game.

The only way you can obtain required amount of both these currencies is by having patience and earning them through different tasks. Or, you can also choose to instantly purchase them from the game store by spending real money or using the best alternative our Dragon Mania Legends Hack.

Clan Coins:

They are the only currency which can be used to purchase Clan Dragons. The easiest way to obtain Clan Coins is by participating in the clan quests or The Great Dragon Race. On completion of each clan quest, you will be rewarded with Clan Coins. The amount earned will depend on your performance in the quest. Also, completion of The Great Dragon Race will award you with Clan Coins and Dragon Pieces. Collecting all pieces will give you a whole Clan Dragon.


The game basically has two different types of energies, which are Battle Energy and Portal Energy. Battle Energy varies from dragon to dragon and is consumed when these dragons participate in the battles. They regenerate automatically if you give your dragons’ proper rest after completion of each battle.

Portal Energy is the main energy, which is required to participate in battles. It varies for each dragon and also depends on the level of your dragon. If your dragon is of a lower level then Portal Energy consumed in battle will be less, or else the required Portal Energy will be high. You can wait for the Portal Energy to regenerate once exhausted, which is very time-consuming as one Energy Point is restored every 20-25 minutes. Alternatively, you can spend Gems to instantly purchase 3 Energy Points. And gems can be acquired by using Dragon Mania Legends Hack.

Portal Gems:

They are the secondary currency, which can be earned in the game in addition to Gold and Gems. You can obtain Portal Gems from friends in the form of daily rewards or you can complete some friendship goals to get them. Portal Gems can be exchanged for Gold and Portal Energy. Each Portal Gem can be converted to one Portal Energy, whereas the amount of Gold varies from level to level.

All these aspects make Dragon Mania Legends, one of the finest games for people of all age groups. The game has acquired 4 out of 5 stars on the rating chart. So, don’t wait any further, just download and play Dragon Mania Legends with our Dragon Mania Legends hack!

Dragon Mania Legends Hack